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Experts in Industrial Laser Marking

For five decades, we have been writing with light, developing and manufacturing leading laser marking solutions for direct part and product marking. With our internationally proven laser and application know-how and industry-tested marking lasers and laser marking workstations, we reliably and economically make our mark on countless products in all industries. Integrated imaging, innovative software functions and comprehensive services as well as globally competent consulting and first-class customer service nicely complete our portfolio.

Brand new: Ultrashort Pulse Laser

“ULTRA” in every way: F.0100-ir is built ULTRA COMPACT, marks ULTRA BLACK and is ULTRA FAST. With the continuously adjustable pulse width between femto- and picosecond range, the marking laser offers a wide range of applications, maximum marking precision and outstanding process stability.


We love to solve the most demanding applications! Be it in the medical device marking or automotive part marking sectors or in any other industrial product identification and traceability field.

Industrial Solutions

We help medical, automotive, electronics, and plastics and metalworking companies to make permanent UDI/UID, identification, decoration and branding marks to ensure reliable traceability. Top quality and seamless line, machine or process integration and automation are always part of the solution.

Service & Support

Our service begins long before the laser purchase, and it’s about maximum uptime and customer satisfaction. Therefore our services ranges from product and application consulting, installation and training to technical and parts service at global locations.

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